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Is China safe for tourists?



Jordan Boyd-Graber, 我什么都不知道

I visit China a fair amount for both work and to visit family.

The biggest physical threats in China are crossing the street and breathing the air, which affect tourists and natives alike.

The biggest differential threat to tourists is getting overcharged for stuff and getting approached by street merchants: a threat to the pocketbook, but not to your person.




Takeo Eda, Tech professional, veteran and returning to aviation as a student pilot

My experience says, yes it is from a PEOPLE perspective, however if you have respiratory problems it's probably best to stay way from the big cities as the air pollution is unreal.

For the most part I, as an American of Japanese heritage had few problems, and was generally treated well in both Beijing and Shanghai. Being able to write Kanji came in handy as it meant I could express simple concepts by writing (example in a restaurant, I'd break out my iphone and type 水 and be served water, or 茶 and be served tea)

I even managed to trade stories of the the difficulties leading young men with a young PAP officer at the Forbidden City through a translator.

My trip to China was a mostly positive experience.





Jon Vasco, Developed the core image processing algorithm for a startup

I felt safe in Chengdu, China and every place I visited (Jiuzhaigou, Hailuogou, etc) during my study abroad semester program. I felt safer there than I have ever felt in the United States of America.

I think, depending on your ethnicity or nationality, Chinese might treat you differently.

I believe, the main reason China is safer than the US is because they have a strong ethical believe in doing what is better for society as a whole. In general, they are very friendly and respectful (as I experienced).

Another reason for China to feel safer than other places is because the punishment for breaking the laws are very harsh on Chinese citizen. However, as I said it, they are not even violent to begin with due to culture and their beliefs.

P.S. If you travel to China, be mindful of Chinese friends and try to not get them in trouble. You would be way better off then they would if you were to get in trouble. Usually foreigners are treated with privilege and it is easy to become an ass sometimes.

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Mervyn Locke, Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bull

Originally Answered: Is China safe?

The safest place I’ve ever been to after Korea and Japan. Never heard about anybody in my community who has ever got a hair curled on his/her head - worst crime experienced has been pick pocketing. Gun related violence basically unheard of, so is the case with gang related violence and street violence.

Indeed, Guangzhou has had some problems in the past, but apart from that, as a country as a whole, it’s tremendously safe.


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